Miller Syncrowave 250 DX TIG Welder Review 2024


Leading the TIG welding industry for over forty years now, Miller Electric brings welding innovation and convenience with the Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG Welder. Running on single phase AC/DC power and with a wide amperage range of 3 to 310 amps, this superior welding machine can handle materials with varying thickness ranging from 0.4 mm aluminum to 12.7 mm stainless steel. Continuous welding performance is also assured with as high as 60% duty cycle at 200 amps. With Syncrowave technology, this welding unit achieves impressive weld quality by providing arc stability, preventing tungsten erosion and avoiding arc rectification especially when welding aluminum and other thin and lightweight metals.

Miller Syncrowave 250 DX is also designed with the patented Syncro Start. This allows users to choose among Soft, Standard and Hot TIG starts according to the type of welding material, tungsten size and lead lengths. Stick welding functionalities such as the Adaptive Hot Start also promote good arc strikes while avoiding sticking. The machine’s DIG control also achieves smooth E7018 weld as well as deep penetration on E6010s through its dynamic adjustments.  An optional pulse feature is also available to enhance puddle agitation, achieve arc stability, and increase travel speed while decreasing distortion and heat input.

When working with aluminum, oxides melt only when the welding temperature reaches 3700 degrees Fahrenheit. With Syncrowave 250’s AC Squarewave welding current, the layer of oxide is instantly removed thus producing clean and high-quality results.

For longevity and maximum productivity, this Miller TIG welder also comes with the TIGRunner cooling system with Coolmate 3CS cooler. This cooling system is constructed with a visual flow indicator to make sure that the three-gallon coolant is continuously flowing. An external coolant filter is important as it prevents dirt and foreign objects from entering the water-cooled torch cable, thus promoting better flow.

The Miller 250 is also efficient when used even in the most demanding applications. Its convenience features include its last procedure recall that allows users to resume working with the most recent settings. It also makes changing aluminum TIG to and from stainless steel TIG settings extremely easy. Stick welding can also be set with just a single switch. Moreover, it is designed with a tilted operator interface for maximum convenience and digital welding meters that ensure accuracy by showing the actual amperage and voltage settings. It also allows repeatability of welding procedures with its preset welding values.

Compared to other TIG welders, this welder is considerably priced higher and offer less flexibility than its close competitors including Everlast models. However, welding professionals choose this unit due to its superior performance features and unmatched reliability. It has made itself essential in light industrial applications such as in precision metal fabrication as well as in maintenance and repair in automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, manufacturing, and many other industries.

Purchase of the Miller Syncrowave 250 includes the Syncrowave power source, the Coolmate 3CS cooler, remote foot control, and TIG torch kit and accessories. Three years warranty is also provided on parts and labor.