Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder Review


Miller Diversion 180 TIG welder is the product which any person that wants to get better precise welding result should consider purchasing. It is versatile thanks to its ability to handle both lightweight projects that require 115volts input power and more difficult welding projects that require 230volts. Beginners or do-it-yourself hobbyists will find this product very helpful especially if they require TIG welder. Its operator interface is quite easy to understand and user-friendly. Though it is not a perfect products, it is a powerful upgrade with all the basic features required to obtain quality TIG weld. It is an embodiment of quality, durability, performance and excellent workmanship for which the brand is known for. This review takes a look at this product examining its features, specifications and pros and cons in order to enable you to make an informed decision as regards whether it is the best option for you or not.

Features and description

This welder is designed to be used under different environments and for various types of jobs even though it is most suited for welding in an auto construction, repair and maintenance workshop. With it, you will be able to carry out such jobs as repair and maintenance work around the home and on home equipment, chassis, aluminum oil pains, frame fabrication, automotive improvement, user applications for home, stainless exhaust, chassis or frame fabrication, metal art and vocational training. Operators will find it very easy to make use of this machine. It comes with an operator interface from where they are able to choose the various functions and setting of the machine such as the on/off switch, the setting for the material type selection and others. It is a product that makes ordinary people and amateur welders to obtain impressive welding results like professionals do. All you need to start welding with this machine is just to power it, choose the thickness and materials type you are welding on and you are good to go.

Miller Diversion 180 is a portable welding machine. Given its lightweight of 50lbs. you will be able to move from one job site to another. It is not bulky and so regardless of where you are keeping it for storage be it the garage, workshop, race track and others, it will not take up large portion of your storage space. Given its portability, compact design and lightweight, they can be taken anywhere for work and stored in most storage areas. However, the low weight and dimension of this product does not in any way affect its functionality.

It does not require much set up. You don’t need to be a professional before you will be able to set up the machine for welding. This product has an impressive versatility. In the first instance, it is AC/DC TIG welder. It can also work on 120V or 240V. With its dual voltage capability, both professionals and do-it-yourself hobbyist can use it for work. The 120V will be ideal for lightweight welding works around the house. However, if you are doing a much tasking welding, you will have to switch over to the 240V capability. It is a product that can be used for welding in remote sites, places without electricity, rental shops and the likes because it can be powered with generators. It is created with an inverter based technology which has become more popular than the transformer power source because with it, operators will enjoy consistent arc. Besides, its power source is also more efficient when compared with the power source of transformer based inverter.

This welder like some other models of the same brand offers quite operation and does not consume much power. The feature that makes this possible is the Fan-on-Demand feature. The same feature also eliminates the possibility of debris, dust and other unwanted particles from entering into the machine. The designers of the product ensures that it delivers deeper penetration as well as freezing weld puddle by including Advanced square-wave AC into the machine.

Welding with this welder does not result in any waste of gas thanks to its auto post-flow feature for adjusting the post-flow time to suit the welding output. The good news is that the adjustment is done automatically. With this features, there is reduced needs for adjustment on the apartment of the operator because the adjustment is done automatically. Welding with this model of Miller Electric does not result in materials contamination and time-after-time tungsten thanks to its high-frequency start for non-contact art starting.

Users enjoy perfect and comfortable grip without suffering any hand fatigue thanks to the diamond-head grip design of the unit’s handle.

The tool has longer durability thanks to the air-cooled torch feature that it comes with.

It can be used for welding on different kinds of metal materials such as stainless steel, weld steel, aluminum and others insofar as the thickness is about 3/16 inch.


Brand name: Miller Electric

Model number: 907627

Product weight: 50lbs.

Voltage: 115V and 230V

Technology: Inverter based

Power source: AC/DC power soucre

Duty cycle: 20 percent duty cycle at 150A


  • available in lightweight and compact design
  • energy efficient
  • delivers impressive welding result
  • comes also with a foot pedal
  • offers perfect grip making usage to be comfortable
  • highly durable machine


  • expensive product and thus not an option for people on budget
  • can not be used to weld any material that has a thickness that is above 3/16 inch


Diversion 180 has an impressive durability and versatility. It is available in a lightweight and compact design even though it is capable of delivering quality and efficient welding results. It is an embodiment of all the features which all AC/DC TIG welder should have. Even though the product is expensive, It is still a good value for money. With it, you are most likely going to obtain the best welding results and complete all your welding jobs in time.