Everlast PowerTig 250EX TIG Welder Review


If you are looking for a welding machine with an impressive versatility, Everlast PowerTig 250EX is a welder that you should know about. It is well made not just to last for years but also to deliver awesome welding performance with great result. With a single phase input power of 240 and 60% of duty cycle, Volts, the welding machine is able to generate a TIG welding power of 250 amps.  The welding unit is available in a compact design thanks to its IGBT inverter module. It is impressively portable. This product has proved to be dependable and reliable. It is an embodiment of excellent workmanship for which the brand is known for. Do-it-yourself professional as well as professional welders will find the product useful for work in their workshop and around the house. It has been used in a number of applications. Read on to find out the features that are available in the product, its pros and cons and specification. You can now determine whether it is a machine that you are looking for or not when you have known the features packed into it. This is the essence of this review. Read on to know more about this product.

Features and description

Everlast 250EX has an impressive versatility meaning that it can be used by a number of people for different welding purpose. You can use it to weld on different types of metal materials such as titanium, chrome moly, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and any other types of metals insofar as its thickness does not exceed the stipulated thickness. Given that it is designed to be used for welding on different metal materials, it will meet the welding needs of people in different professional fields. Places where it can be used for work are Motor shops, shipyards, pipeline construction site, automotive workshops, gun smiting, prototyping and industrial maintenance. It is a great tool for wiring in the house and also for doing other repair works in the house.

Besides, the welding machine can be used for TIG and Stick type of welding. If you are doing TIG welding, this machine is able to do TIG welding using AC – DC at 250 amps with a 60% duty cycle while with 35% duty cycle at 200 amps, it can do stick welding. It features a 5 amps low which is able to use both AC and DC modes for TIG welding. With this, you will find welding to be very easy. The control panel of the machine is located at the front. Many users have found the front panel to be very useful as they can view all the knobs and dials when they are working with the machine. The AC frequency and balance operate perfectly. You will be able to dial up aluminum puddle perfectly well. DC functions in similar manner. It features an arc force dial which operates perfectly and in similar with the Dig that are available on the other machine. Though this model of welder is not a higher end Tig model of welder, yet it features a pulser which is seen in the expensive models. The pulser of current Everlast TIG welder has a good range and adjustment which are better those of other machine.

Users of this machine will not experience much problems and besides, it will be easy for them to maintain the machine thanks to the high frequency start circuit technology used in constructing it. If you do not require the high frequency start circuit, then you have to go for the lift start function.

Users will find it quite easy to choose the right function of the machine. There is no room for guess work as the controls are color coded. Besides, ease-of-use, the machine is also safe to use for stick welding. When you are stick welding, you are protected from splatters and the feature that makes this possible is the arc force control which also improves the performance of the arc when it is utilized for short arc operations.

There is no fear of the temperature becoming too high thanks to the 300 water cooler that machine comes with.


Item model number: PT2500

Part Number: PT2500

Product dimensions: 24 x 9 x 17 inches

Product weight: 60 pounds

Color: Green

Voltage: 240 volts

Power source: AC/DC

Amperage Capacity: 250 A

5 years warranty on parts and labour

Accessories included in the package

  • Regulator made of argon
  • Foot pedal
  • Work Clamp with 10 ft long cable
  • SMAW electrode holder with a cable of 10 ft long
  • Cable of 6 ft long for power input
  • 250 amp AC and DC pulse TIC welder and 200 amp STICK welder


  • It is not heavy. This means that you will be able to move it to and fro in your worksite without help. You don’t need any help in order to put in the welding machine inside your vehicle in case you want to take it from one work site to another
  • The pedal does not only offer impressive control, it is also huge
  • The machine has impressive versatility as it can be used in a number of applications and for both TIC and Stick welding. It is also both AC and DC welding machine
  • It delivers impressive welding results thanks to the various features it comes it
  • If you are using argon and air, you will  find the water hose of this product highly useful
  • It comes with many barb connectors to ensure that you don’t need any special adapters or fittings in order to add to the lengths of hose to enable you work at an extended length
  • The machine requires little set up which is also very easy to accomplish by any person regardless of their level
  • Users are able to set the amperages accurately thanks to the digital readout design the machine comes with
  • It is an affordable welding machine


  • Regardless of the impressive performance and excellent workmanship of this product, it still has some imperfections or drawbacks
  • If you are too picky, you may find fault with the flow meter because it reads in LPH rather than in CFH
  • Depending on your personality, you may see the hose clamps for the hose ends as inferior. However, some other person may not have any problem with that


Everlast 250EX TIG welder is one of the inexpensive models that has stunning versatility. Professionals working in different places can make use of this product. It comes with a lot of features and can be used for both TIG and STICK welding. It offers users a number of benefits such as portability, high efficiency and performance, affordability and others. However, it has got some imperfections. These imperfections are not so strong as to disabuse a potential consumer from purchasing it.