Best Miller TIG & MIG Welder Reviews

Miller Electric is a well known U.S based company that is into the manufacturing of arc welding tools and cutting equipment. The company which is a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. It started operation as a one-man business with its product selling store in Northeast Wisconsin in 1929. But today, it has become one of the most popular and largest producers of cutting equipment and arc welders. It has established reputation in the industry with the production of quality and reliable products. Miller welders are normally available in blue color and this is why it has chosen as its catchphrase “The Power of Blue.”

Arc Miller welders are designed to serve a lot of purposes and they can be used in different applications and work environments such as education, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, aviation, fabrication, auto mechanics, motorsports and marine applications. There are series that are also designed for home use or for do-it-yourself hobbyist. They are great for work around the house. Consequently, before you purchase any arc welder from this brand, it is advisable that you find out who it is designed for or the welding purpose it is meant to serve so that you will not end purchasing what you will not require.

Miller Electric has continued to establish reputation in the industry in a number of ways. The company produces both MIG and TIG welders. Miller MIG welder which is today referred to as a gas metal arc welder (GMAW) is the commonest type of Miller welders used for welding purposes around the house. It can also be used in metal fab, businesses and manufacturing applications. Miller Electric has different series of this type of arc welders in its line of welders. MIG series of Miller Electric are Millermatic, Deltaweld, CP, Invision and Alumafeed series. The company also has its series of TIG welders which include Diversion, Dynasty, Maxstar and Syncrowave. Miller TIG welders are designed for critical and precise welding. It is the type of welder used for joining of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. In the welding process, both hands are used. One is used to hold the torch while the other is used to feed the filler metal. In this type of welder, the arc voltage during welding is normally controlled either via a foot pedal or fingertip.

Miller TIG Welder Reviews

Miller Diversion 165

Miller Diversion 165 TIG welder is an option for any welder looking for a welding machine with impressive ease of use thanks to its easy-to-understand operator interface from where you will be able to choose the features or functions that you want. It is a corded AC/DC welder with a plug of 230 V, 50 A. The amperage can be adjusted from 10 to 165 amps DC and AC. It is a good choice for welding hobbyist or do-it-yourself guys as it is great for light use. It is also a great option for welders who are on budget but have eyes for quality product with great performance. Considering its performance and the price tag at which it is sold, it is a cheap TIG welder.

One good aspect of this product which gives it an edge over some other models of TIG welders on the market is its power source which is an inverter-based type offers the welding arc in a more consistent manner without consuming a lot of power. With this product, you will be able to conserve energy because it is a product with an impressive low energy consumption rate. The product is also available in a lightweight dimension. You can easily move it about in your work place with or without the assistance of any person. It is also not a bulky TIG welder and thus, it will not consume much space in your workspace. One does not require to be a professional in order to make use of this product as all the functions are clearly displayed on the operator interface. However, do not expect too much from the unit especially in the area of durability as it may not last for many decades for you.

Miller Diversion 180

Miller Diversion 180 is a well made TIG welder designed for the use of do-it-yourself hobbyist for work around the house. It is an ideal for light welding job or work around the house. It is an easy-to-use TIG welder. The basic features or functions of the welder which include power-up button, button for selection of materials and button for the setting of the material thickness range are accessible from the interface. In other words, you only need to go through three steps before you will be able to weld with the weld. It is as simple as powering up the machine, choosing the type of material you will be welding and setting the right thickness range and you are good to go.

This Miller TIG welder comes with good features. It has impressive versatility as it can be utilized on input power of both 115V and 230V. It comes with a multi-voltage plug with which it can be connected to 115 or 230 V. It can also be used to weld different kinds of metal materials such as aluminum, mild steels and stainless. With this feature, it can also be used on different applications and work environment. It is also equipped with RFCS-RJ45 remote foot control. It comes with an inverter-based AC/DC power source. It is capable of providing welding arc in a more consistent manner. But the good thing is that it does not consume power. This means that usage will not result in a large electric bill at the end of the month. Miller Diversion 180 is also available in a lightweight design. It just weighs 50 lb. meaning that you will be able to move it about from one location to another without requiring help. Secondly, it is a good Miller arc welder for any person with limited storage or space in his or her workshop.


Miller Dynasty 210 DX

Miller Dynasty 210 is a versatile welder which can be used for both AC and DC pulsed TIG welding. With it, operators are able to weld on different metals materials including aluminum and steel insofar as their thickness is 1/4 inch. It is an inverter TIG welder and as such it does not weigh much. Besides, it has a compact design which makes it a great tool to be used in work environments with limited space. It is also great for work around the house. The users will be able to easily move it about from one point to another with or without the assistance of any person as its weighs only 47 pounds. The machine is designed to offer 4 different advanced TIG arc waveforms which can be selected from the AC TIG frequency controls of the machine.

This Miller TIG welder comes with enhanced features which some of the models are lacking. For For example, the machine can be plugged in a 120 volt or 480 volt input power of one or three phases without manual linking thanks to the Autolineā„¢ automatic input voltage that it comes with. The Miller Dynasty 210 DX has a memory card expansion slot for impressive expandability and flexibility. Users of this product will enjoy a complete AC features as well as frequency controls, wide ranges of balance and advanced waveforms. Whether you are beginning to weld or you are a professional welder, with this Miller welder, you will be able to obtain enhanced welding result on different metal materials.

Miller Dynasty 280 DX

Are you looking for Miller welder which can weld on different metal materials? If the answer to the above question is yes, Miller Dynasty 280 TIG welder may be a product you are looking for as it can be used to weld on aluminum, steel, mild steel and stainless steel with a thickness of 3/8 inch. The welding machine is also lightweight and compact in design. It has a weight of just 52 pounds. Miller Dynasty 280 is equipped with impressive features which differentiate it from some other welders on the market. Among its built-in features are the pulse and advanced AC wave forms. It also features wides ranges of frequency as well as balance. It is a versatile welding machine as it can be used for Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P, Stick (SMAW) and ACD/DC TIG (GTAW) processes.

It is a good machine for both welding hobbyist and professionals. Given its impressive versatility, it can be used for different applications and environment such as industrial applications, tube fabrication, heavy fabrications pipe, aerospace aluminum, anodized aluminum fabrication and ship repair. It is designed to last for many years. Heat input generated during usage does not cause any damage to the machine as it comes with built-in pulser which helps to lessen the heat input. Above all, the welding machine delivers enhanced welding result.

Miller Dynasty 350 DX

Dynasty 350 is another great Miller TIG welder. It comes with enhanced features which operators will find helpful in a number of ways. In the first instance, it is versatile as it can be used for Stick and TIG welding on different metal materials such as aluminum, steel and others. But the welding thickness should not be more than 5/8 inch. If you are welding on aluminum, the welding thickness ranges from 0.015 to 5/8 but if you are welding mild steel, it ranges from 0.012 to 5/8 inch. It is of moderate dimension of 45-1/8 inches height and 23-1/8 inches wide. This Miller welder is not very weighty. Thus, moving it from one work location to another will not constitute any problem. Given its dimension, operators will not encounter much storage problem unless their storage space is very small.

The versatility of this unit is also seen in its welding process. It is designed for different welding processes which include pulsed TIG, TIG, Polarity and Stick. It also features AC and DC phases. Its voltage input also ranges from 208 to 575 VAC. Thus, this product is a great option for operators that does different welding process or that works on different work environment or application. With the product, you are likely going to obtain impressive welding result on a number of materials.

Miller Dynasty 700

Dynasty 700 is an embodiment of all the qualities, impressive performance and durability for which Miller Electric is known for. It is precision AC/DC arc welder, a perfect expression of world class workmanship. It is created with Auto Line Power Management Technology which makes it possible for connection to any input voltage without requiring any manual linking. This gives operator the required comfort in their work place. It is one of the models of Miller TIG welders that come with its patented thread lock cable connectors and torch adapter. These feature comes with 1/4-turn locking thread which includes start polarity (EP/EN), the start amperage (amps), the adjustable HF arc starting parameters and the start time. They are made for applications with high amperage.

There are 4 independent memory levels in the program memory for each of the processes which include AC/DC TIG and AC/DC Stick. The established parameters in each one of the memories is maintained by the last procedure. One feature of this product which makes for impressive ease-of-use is its interface from which the users utilize the various functions of the unit. The interface functions better than the traditional knobs and switches when it comes to delivering precise control of output parameters. It is an inverter based Miller welder and thus it does not consume much power. Besides, it is not weighty as it is the case with other inverter based welding machines. This means that you will not encounter much problem moving this unit from one location to another. The package includes a number of components which include optional TIG Runner packages, collate 3.5 coolant system, remote foot control, 12 ft cable, a 400 Amp, 10Ft Gas Hose, Regulator/Flowmeter, cable cover, Deluxe Cool Runner, two thread lock power cable connectors and others. With it, you cannot go wrong on your welding result. If you are purchasing this product, you have to be a professional welder as it is better suited for professional use.

Miller Maxstar 150 STL

With a weight of 23.3 pounds and dimensions of 13.2 x 5.5 x 9, this is a compact and lightweight Miller welder. It is a good option for do-it-yourself hobbyist for work around the house or office or business premises. It is an inverter based DC welding machine. It comes with a lift arc features. It is best suited for welding on steel and mild steel of thickness of between 0.020 and 3/16. It is not a great option for any person that wants to work on aluminum or that wants to weld on different metal material as there are limitation on the materials he or she will weld. It is one of the Miller Electric welders with multiple input voltage. This can be used on 115 or 230VAC. It also has multiple processes which include the polarity and TIG.

Maxstar 150 STL is a great option for welders with steel as their work medium. They can also be used for welding on mild steel. Thus, if you are welding on any other type of material, even if it is a metal material, this product may not be a great product for you as it can only be used for steel only. Thus you need a product designed for welding on different kinds of metal materials.


Miller Maxstar 150 STH

Are you looking for an efficient but a lightweight and compact TIG welder? If the answer to this question is yes, Maxstar 150 STH may be something that you are looking for. It has a product weight of 13.7lb and a product dimension of 13.2 x 5.5 x 9 inches. Given the weight and dimension, transportation to the work site or moving it from one point to another in a worksite will not constitute much problem to the operator. However, its shoebox dimension does not affect its power. It is a DC inverter based type of welder which has become popular for its awesome performance, durability and low energy consumption rate. With its low energy consumption, usage will not cause unexpected hike in your monthly electric bill. It is a welder that one can use for both Stick and TIG application. Besides TIG, the welding processes also include polarity.

Maxstar 150 STH is made to be used for welding a steel and mild steel with a thickness of 0.020 to 3/16. Consequently, the product is not a good option for people welding on different metal materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. However, when it comes to input voltage, there are options for operators. It functions both on 115 and 230VAC. It features a built-in gas solenoid. With this feature, the bulky TIG torch with a gas valve is no longer required. This machine is designed for superior welding of thin material without causing any significant warpage on the materials being wedded.

Miller Maxstar 350

Maxstar 350 is a moderate size Miller TIG welder with exceptional performance and stunning reliability for which it is regarded as the finest DC TIG/Stick machine available. It is an embodiment of excellent workmanship for which Miller Electric is known for. It comes with a number of features such as Wind Tunnel technology, Fan-On-Demand and LVC Line Voltage Compensation technology from Miller which users will find helpful. It is equipped with a high speed DC TIG pulse controls as well. This product is able to function on any input voltage ranging from 208 to 575V thanks to the Auto-Line feature which the tailored arc controls (DIG) and the Hot start of the DC Stick come with. This means that the voltage hook-up does not require any manual linking which gives operators maximum convenience regardless of their job setting.

There is no danger of overheating because the product features an auxiliary power receptacle of 120 V which helps to cool the system and small tools. Your parameters are saved and maintained by 9 independent program memory contained in the program memory of the system. The operators of this machine are able to establish the starting conditions independently based on the process and memory selection using the programmable start parameters. Whether you are using electrodes such as E6010 which are very difficult to run, with this product, you will enjoy superior TIG/stick arc performance on all input voltages. Tungsten or material contamination are eliminated by the non-contact arc starting of the HF arc starting. The length of the postflow time is determined by the auto-postflow depending on the amperage setting. Thus, there is no need for the operators to set the postflow time for different amperages independently. With this feature, porosity is prevented and your tungsten is preserved. Maxstar 350 comes is an embodiment of all the features one will require for DC TIG or Stick applications. This product is an option for all that requires superior performance and durability.

Miller Syncrowave 210

Miller Syncrowave 210 can be used for light welding tasks. Thus, it can be used by professional welders working under light industrial applications and also by do-it-yourself hobbyist for work around the house. It is created with the inverter technology which delivers welding result in a more consistent manner without taking up much power. It comes with a user-friendly interface from where the operator will be able to switch on the power, choose processes, namely, DC Stick, DC TIG and AC TIG, and set the amperage according to the thickness of the materials to be welded. Using Syncrowave 210 is as easy as the three steps described above. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced welder, you will be able to welder with this product. The unit is available in a lightweight design weighing just 133.5 lbs. Thus, it is very portable and can easily be moved from one location to another. It has storage space and built-in running gear. These features together enhance flexibility and portability of the product. You will easily move everything you require for welding to the job site together.

With this product, you will be able to achieve highest quality aluminum welds thanks to the Syncrowave Output which features AC balance that comes with an adjustable oxide cleaning. Its power source is an inverter base one which delivers an output of 230V while taking an amperage that is lower than 30 amps. Operators can easily upgrade software as well as expand product features thanks to its upgradeable and expandable front panel memory card data port. Input voltage hookup (115-230 V) does not require any manual linking thanks to the Auto-Line Power Management Technology that it comes with. This makes the product great for use in location where power is unreliable. You can connect Miller Syncrowave 210 to 120 or 230 V power receptacles without the utilization of any tools thanks to its 115 and 230 volt input PowerMiller’s Multi-Voltage Plug. You only have to choose the right plug and connect it to the power cord. When setting the weld parameter, you don’t have to guess anything as the product features the New Pro-Set Feature (professional settings). It is the right feature to use if you require confidence of pre-set controls, convenience and speed.

Miller Syncrowave 250 DX

Miller Syncrowave 250 DX is a great TIG welder for the use in different applications. It can be utilised for repair, maintenance, work around the house, metal fabrication and others. It is great for both light duty and heavy duty welding tasks such as aerospace, manufacturing, pipe and tube. This Miller welder can be used for welding of metal materials such as steel and aluminum. It has a product dimension of 49 inches height, 22-1/2 inches width and 25 inches depth and a product weight of 583 pounds. This product is equipped with a number of features which enhance its performance, durability and versatility. Its operator interface is tilted making the unit to be user-friendly. From the interface, you can put on the power, set the unit and choose other features of the machine that you may require.

Miller Syncrowave 250DX comes with impressive features which include line voltage compensation, built-in preflow/post flow, last procedure recall, dual digital meters, square wave output with AC balance control and built-in consumable storage drawer application. With these features, operators can use this Miller welder for a number of welding purpose and obtain good result.


Miller Syncrowave 350 LX

Miller Syncrowave 350 LX is a TIG welder with 230 volts and a duty cycle percentage of -40%. It provides enough power in consistent manner for heavy duty welding task. Thus, it is an ideal product for industrial and professional use. However, it can also be used for welding around the house and for repair and maintenance purposes. It offers three different starting conditions which can be selected by the operator himself. These starting conditions help in maximising the application in accordance with thickness of material and tungsten diameter. It is capable of delivering adjustable penetration and cleaning action and this is made possible by its Squarewave output with AC balance control. With the feature the arc stability can be increased on various aluminum alloys. With this, the tungsten spitting can be eliminated. It also makes it easy for the dual digital meters to be viewed and preset in order to make the weld output to be simple.

Syncrowave 350 LX comes with built-in cable hangers which are available on the sides of the system. With these feature, you will be able to avoid cable or torch damage as the weld cables can be stored safely there. The system also comes with a built-in prelaw which offers 0.2 to 5 seconds prelaw and built-in postflow which offers 0-50 seconds postflow. On the front panel is located a built-in consumable storage where the user can keep consumables for easy accessibility.

Miller MIG Welder Reviews

Millermatic Series

Miller Millermatic 125

Millermatic 125 MIG welder is one of the Millermatic series by Miller Electric. Though it is a cheap Miller MIG welder, it has impressive versatility as it is designed to be used for welding on different kinds of metal materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and steel with thickness ranging from 24 ga to 3/16 in. Given this, it can be used for work under different settings and for a number of purposes including autobody, metal fabrication, maintenance and repair, farm and home. It is a good MIG welder for both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The product is packed with features which make welding to be accomplished neatly and in a good time. Some of the good features of this product are auto-set mode, auto-set technology which is a good technology that sets the welder to the right parameters and others. It is available in a lightweight design and has a compact design with an overall height of 16-7/8, depth of 12-1/8 and 9-7/8 inches. With this dimension it is highly portable.

It has a 20% duty cycle, 20 input voltage and 20 input amps as well as 60 Hz. It has a gas connection hose about 60 inches long, a 2 lb. spool of solid and a fixed regulator for Argon/CO2 75/25 shielding gas mix. It is a very good welding machine delivering good penetration even more and go well on more thickness than advertised as some users have experienced. Users of this product will enjoy an easy set up.

Miller Millermatic 141

If you are looking for an easy-to-use welder of Millermatic series of Miller Electric, Millermatic 141 is a product that you should know. One good aspect of this Miller MIG welder is that it gives users unequal versatility as it can be used for welding on different kinds of metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. For aluminum, the material thickness ranges from 14 to 18 ga while for the mild steel, the material thickness ranges from 24 ga to 3/16 inches. Thus, Millermatic 141 is a great welding machine for do-it-yourself hobbyist. It can also be used for professional use insofar as it is a light welding task regardless of the type of metals to be welded. The welder delivers good welding result. It comes with a very smooth stable arc. Adjusting the drive roll assembly of this system for different wire sizes can be very efficient, smooth and easy. You only need to press and rotate it. But the package itself came with .030 wire. Regardless of the wire type that you use insofar as it is a good fit, you will definitely enhance penetration.

It is very easy to set up this system thanks to its quick select drive roll which provides three grooves. When you are welding, you can manually set the machine through the manual mode. But it also comes with the Auto-set feature which ensures that your welder is at the right parameters when you are welding without requiring you to do anything or press any button. Its angled drive system is made of aluminum. Owning this product is a value for money given its portability, durability and versatility.

Miller Millermatic 190

Millermatic 190 is great for welding 24 gauge – 5/16 inches mild steel and comes with all you require to have excellent welding result. Owing to its great features, impressive functionality, stunning versatility and excellent workmanship, it can be regarded as all-in-one wire welder. One of the strengths of this unit which operators will find useful is its set-up. It does not require you to be a professional before you will be able to set the machine up for welding. Set up is a breeze. Thus, once you box out the system, you are almost good to start welding. It comes with quick select drive roll which has three grooves that make setup very quick.

In its specification, its welding processes include MIG or Flux Core with an input voltage of 240V. With a weight of 50 pounds, taking this machine to the worked site is not very challenging. In your worksite, you can change the item from one position to another. It is something that you accomplish without the help of any person. Besides, it does not have a large dimension. Thus, keeping it in your worksite will not constitute much distraction or take up much space in your work environment.

Miller Millermatic 211

Millermatic 211 delivers the largest output among other welders in its class. It is an example of excellent workmanship for which the brand is known for.  This Miller welder is a good choice for professionals and welding enthusiasts who are looking for a high grade welding machine. It is a strongly made product offering stunning durability. Its drive system is made with durable cast-aluminum. A dual groove quick-change drive roll and spring-loaded tension arm are incorporated into its drive system to enhance set up. With these features, set up is very easy and quicker to be accomplished. When the tip has been short circuited during work, the output is shut down by the Tip Save short circuit protection. In this way, the internal components of the unit is protected from damage and the lifespan of the contact tip is extended. When there is the blockage of the airflow or if the duty cycle is exceeded, the system will not be shut down by the unit cable management included in the handle thermal overload protection instead, there will be a quick reset at the gun made possible by the trigger reset. When the fault is rectified, the system will reset itself and cools down utilizing spools of 4 or 8 in.

Depending on the process required, Miller Millermatic 211 can be set to be used with wires of different sizes including .024 to .035 in mild/stainless steel and flox cored of .030-.045 in. The package comes with a number of accessories and components which include power cord of 6.5 ft long, 10 ft M-1000 MIG gun, MVP adapter plugs for 120V and 240V, clamp argon, 10 ft work cable, cable assembly, AR/CO2 mix regulator/flow gauge with hose spool of Hobart and others. Indeed, you will find everything you require in order to start welding in the package.

Miller Millermatic 212

Millermatic 212 operates with a 151.00 volts. It is one of the Millermatic welders designed for welding on mild steel and aluminum. The product is great for people looking for a portable or professional Miller welder whose work requires them to be moving about with their equipment or to move their welding machine from one point to another. This Miller welder has stunning portability. It is wheeled mounted making movement from one location to another to be very easy. It has a weight of 219 pounds but with the wheeled design, carrying this weight is no big deal. The welding machine makes use of MIG/Flux core welding processes. It can be used under different work settings and thus welders in different works of life. You can use it for construction work, repair and maintenance work, artwork, handrail apps and many more. You can utilize 75C02 and .030 wire. The material thickness for mild steel ranges 22 ga. to 3/8 inch. It has dual voltage input of 208/230VAC.

It is strongly created and can last for a long time especially if proper usage and maintenance is applied. It comes with impressive features such as spool gun which is ready for welding on aluminum materials. It comes with Auto-set which makes usage very easy and more efficient. It also has the gun-on-demand feature.

Miller Millermatic 252

Millermatic 252 MIG Welder can weld 22 gauge up to 1/2 thickness and 14 gauge to 3/8 thickness of mild steel and aluminum respectively. Any welder that indulges in MIG/Flux core welding process can use this unit as it can be used for work under a number of environments and work settings such as construction factory, auto maintenance and repair workshops, home garden, garage, farm, metal fabrication and others. It has a product dimension of 40 x 19 x 30 inches and a product weight of 237 pounds. But moving it about or to the work site is not a big issue because it is wheeled mounted. Its rated output is given as 200A at 28VDC 60% duty cycle and 60Hz. Its input amperage is 48/42A while 30 to 300A DC is the output range. Miller Millermatic 252 is designed to use 0.023 to 0.045/flux and 0.030 to 0.045 wire size.

It is one of the Miller Electric welding machines that are packed with a lot of features. Its drive system is not just dual gear driven but also made from aluminum making it to be impressively durable. It also features line voltage compensation, auto-gun detect, integrated timer menu, digital meters in its infinite voltage control and others. It is an easy to use welding machine. Operators regardless of their experience level will not encounter difficulty in changing the cylinder rack. The unit also features a 15 feet consumable compartment. Setting up is easily accomplished. You don’t need to be an expert before you will be able to set up this machine.

Miller Millermatic 350P

With a product weight of 4.6 pounds and wheels for easy movement, Millermatic 350P is one of the most flexible and portable Miller MIG welders for professionals on the market. It comes with wheels,  two large rear ones and two small front ones. With these wheels moving this 4.6 pound seem not to be any problem. It is a three processes welder. The three processes are MIG (GMAW), Flux Cored (FCAW) and Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P). Whether you are looking for a welding machine for repairs and maintenance works around the home or your are a professional looking for a professional grade welder, this product is an option for you. It can be used under a number of applications which include industrial applications, maintenance and repair, fabrication, manufacturing, farm and others.

It is a superior welder with a superior performance thanks to its numerous features. It has built in Pulsed MIG programs. It can be used to weld stainless steel and mild steel and for these types of metal, the right thickness is .035 and .045 in. The right built-in pulse MIG programs for 4000 and 5000 series aluminum are .035 and .047 in. For the metal core, the right program is .045 in. All programmed information which is restored after each power up is stored for MIG, push-pull and spool guns. Millermatic 350P features aluminum pulse hot start which helps in eliminating a cold start inherent in aluminum starts by providing more arc power. Some of the features in the product that operators will find useful are the industrial, 4 roll wire drive system, fan-on-demand, pre-flow and post-flow adjustment, built-in 2 minute spot timer, internal timers and others.

Miller Millermatic 350P Aluminum MIG welder

Millermatic 350P for aluminum is an excellent workmanship from Miller Electric. It is designed to satisfy the requirements of thin gauge aluminum auto repair. It is a three process welder, MIG, Pulsed MIG and Flux cored created in compliance with the standards established by Ford and Assured Performance Network for welding machine. A spool of premium aluminum MIG welding wire is included in the package of this product. It is a 186 pound welder with four wheels, two large ones at the rear and two small ones at the front. With the wheels, it is lot easier to move the items from one point to another in the work site. So, if the nature of your work requires that you move your welder from one point to another, this product may be an option for you.

Millermatic 350P has got all the basic features for which Miller Electric products are known for. It has internal timers. For example, the crater feature will be deactivated by the crater time delay for small welds or tack. Operators are able to see the real welding voltage/amperage as they are welding and 5 seconds after they have switched off the arc. Just like some other Millermatic MIG welder series of Miller Electric, this product has industrial, 4 roll wire drive system which has 2 scaled and tension adjustments that are very easy to set. The drive system also comes with quick-change reversible drive rolls for 0.9 and 1.2mm wire. Other features of the product are aluminum pulse hot start, built-in 2-minute spot timer, run-in adjustment for MIG, spool guns and push pull and others.

Deltaweld series

Miller Deltaweld 302

Miller Deltaweld 302 is a great value for money thanks to its rock-solid reliability, impressive performance, stunning durability and awesome welding result that it delivers. It has some amazing features that do not only enhance the performance of the machine but also help to protect it from damage. The internal components of the system is kept clean by the Fan-on-Demand feature. This feature function as the cooling system for the internal power source. It functions only when required and prevent debris from damaging the internal components of the system. It also features a thermal overload protection which shuts the system automatically when the duty cycle is exceeded or when there is restriction of the cooling of the system or air flow. In this way, it protects the system from damage. The output of the power source of this unit remains steady whether the input power is fluctuating or not and the feature that makes this possible is the LVC Line Voltage Compensation.

Deltaweld 302 has 100% duty cycle and provides a potent 300 amps of welding output. It has rugged construction which ensures that it lasts for a long time. Given its improved components and proven design, it is capable of delivering outstanding welding result. Operators end up with maximum output and this increases profitability. Another aspect of this product that users will enjoy is its ease-of-use. It is designed for welding on every sheet of metals including aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Thus, it can be used for work under different environments and work settings.


Miller Electric has established reputation in the industry with the construction of reliable, durable, high performing and quality TIG and MIG welders. Miller welders are great for use under various applications such as fabrications, manufacturing, aviation, construction, farm, home and marine application. With any of their product, you will not only get value for money but also efficient, effective and excellent welding results. Welding becomes very easy and a breeze with Miller welders.