Top 6 Advantages of TIG Welding

This welding method has become very popular today because it gives a lot of benefits to welders. Here are some of the benefits of TIG welding.

1. Clean weld

TIG welding method results to a nice looking weld. It is the preferred welding process in cases where premium is put on the appearance of the weld. This explains why it is the preferred welding method for the production of consumer products.

2. Effective and strong bond

TIG welding gives strong and effective bond. This is why it is used for such welding jobs as high profile consumer goods, piping, nuclear work and others which have code requirements. Though MIG welding method is faster but TIG welding gives a better quality weld. Welders that require precision in welding also go for TIG welding instead of MIG welding.

3. Does not require much amperage

Another advantage which TIG welding has over other welding methods is that it does not require much amperage. At a first look, this aspect of TIG welding may seem to be a drawback. However, it is not. It benefits TIG welder. High amperage results in the generation of high heat which is not very good for thin metal. High amperage is most suitable for thick and large metals. This explains why TIG welding method is a great option for the welding of material with thin thickness. It is also the right welding method for the welding of metal materials that do not require high amperages.

4. Impressive versatility

TIG welding method gives impressive versatility than any other welding type. It is the preferred welding method for welding in nuclear power and chemical industry as well as in aeronautical constructions. TIG welder comes with a foot mechanism for changing of amperage. This feature couples with its lower amperage gives it a better versatility than other welding types as it is possible for a welder to be able to weld thin and thick material as well as designs with intricacies without leaving any conspicuous mark. Besides, TIG welder can be used for almost all purposes thanks to the small size of TIG welders. It is just like a pen in size. It can be used to weld different types of metal materials thanks to inert gas it comes with. For helium goes well with copper and stainless steel while argon matches titanium and steel. Aluminum and other alloys of aluminum will require argon-and-titanium.

5. Does not leave any slag

TIG welding does not leave any slag as it results in a cleaner welds. This means that the welder’s work is complete as soon as he finishes welding. He will not have to spend any time cleaning the welded metal. This also saves time for TIG welders.

6. Offers more welding control

TIG welding machine offers operators more welding control than any other types of welding machine. With a foot mechanism, the heat and amperage can easily be changed or controlled. With this mechanism and its thin and pen-like size, nice, quality and clean welding work is produced.

The above are some of the advantages TIG welder has over other welding types. However, this does not mean that it is free of drawbacks.